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Connecting dog owners with solutions around the world

Online Consults

Although Eden Dog Academy is based in Guelph, ON, we are committed to changing the relationship owners have with their dogs around the globe.

Our online consults offer you the opportunity to discuss your concerns or training needs with Erika from the comfort of your living room.

Of course, online consults are not appropriate for all training needs.  Scroll down to learn about when online consults might be appropriate for you and then e-mail us at to discuss your needs

Help is available for...

Dog Trainer Mentorship

Mentorship is available for new and established dog trainers looking to build their knowledge and skills in a variety of areas, including:

Learning theory

Advanced clicker training skills

Reactive and aggressive dogs (theory, assessment protocols, and training using the LIMA model)

Service dog training (selection, public access, task training)

Screening for medical considerations in problem behaviours

Proofing behaviours

Difficult to train dogs

Reliable stays and recalls

Owner-Trained Service Dogs

We support owner-trained service dog clients outside of our physical catchment through the following services:

Prospect selection- considerations and testing methods

Socialization plans customized to service dogs

Public access basics

Consulting on possible task list

Education on task training

Preparing for public access testing

Problem Behaviours

Support is available for problem behaviours via Skype in the form of:

Review and analysis of videoed behaviour

Review of training techniques, particularly in cases that do not appear to be responding to training

Referrals to local trainers and other health professionals

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