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Aggressive dog

Reactive and Aggressive Dogs

Behaviour Consulting

What does a reactive dog look like? 

  • Lunging

  • Barking and/or growling

  • Snarling and/or snapping

  • Pulling on the leash towards or away from something

  • Over excited

  • Fearful or Anxious

  • Will not listen to commands

  • Typically will not follow through on their threat to bite

  • Often mislabled as aggressive behaviour


What is aggression?

  • Intent to do harm to a person or animal

  • May have already landed bites

  • Can include any of the characteristics of a reactive dog

  • Posturing and guarding behaviours

  • Predatory behaviours

  • Many types of aggression have been defined


Most of the dogs that fall into the category of reactive and aggressive dogs are coming from a place of fear, anxiety and confusion or are suffering from medical causes of the behaviour. Proper treatment of these issues requires a holistic approach incorporating nutrition, medicine, management, applied behaviour modification techniques, and training. With this kind of comprehensive program you can take your dog from stressed, to calm, confident, and compliant.

Join the Reactive and Aggressive Dog Support Group on Facebook to share your story with other people experiencing similar things. 

Reactive and Aggressive Dog Program

6 Private Sessions

This is where all my RaAD clients start. You get a comprehensive behaviour and obedience program designed just for you. This program is capable of addressing complex problems and/or multiple training goals. Build the control and obedience you always wanted with lifetime email and phone support as an added bonus.

Calm, Confident, Compliant

Group classes

This class is a mix of obedience training, fun activities, behaviour modification exercises and support group for owners of reactive dogs. Have you ever been made to feel out of place in a group training class because of your dog's behaviour? This is a judgement free zone because everyone here is working with a reactive dog and we all just want to have fun training our dogs.

Online Consulting

Facebook and Skype

Problem behaviours can happen anywhere, even in areas that are lacking in behaviour consultants. Enjoy the perks of private training sessions anywhere in the world.

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