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About Me

Experienced and Educated Dog Trainer

Erika Eden, B.Sc., VT, CPDT-KA, ABCDT, CDBC

As a teen I adopted an aggressive mixed breed dog from the Humane Society named Kalli, and took my first professional training classes in an effort to make Kalli a safe member of the dog community. It was a mixed blessing that this training class failed to address the aggression issues. Through trial, and error, and watching other trainers, I finally figured out the right balance to my training that allowed Kalli to stop her aggressive behaviour.


I graduated from the University of Guelph with a B.Sc. in Wildlife Biology and then decided to explore the world of dog training. I have earned certifications in dog training from the Animal Behaviour College, the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) and the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC).

I returned to school to study veterinary technology at Ridgetown College to futher my understanding of veterinary medicine and how it integrates with behaviour. I am currently combining my knowledge of biology, psychology, medicine and dog training to provide unique and effective training and behaviour modification programs.

My dog training education lead me into a 6 year apprenticeship with an Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant before I opened Eden Dog Academy in order to help people make the most out of their difficult dogs. My clients over the years have been my greatest inspiration in my goal to create the best behaviour modification program I can. Their passion for what I do continues to add fire to my dreams and pushes me to be better and better with every year that goes by. 


Since founding Eden Dog Academy I have developed a great reputation in the Guelph area’s animal-owner community for providing humane and effective solutions for problem dogs. 


I am passionate about dog behaviour and dog training and dedicate my spare time to training and competing with my own dogs and educating myself on every dog training related topic I come across. I believe in knowledge and continuing education since each animal is unique and requires tailored training plans to meet their needs.

Stella Flying!.jpg

Stellar Ambition


In Memorium (2008-2021): Stella, was my Newfoundland X Lab, affectionately deemed the Goofoundlab. Her sparkling personality, and humour shone through during her routines rally obedience routines. Most of my clients know her for being the best helper a behaviour consultant could ask for. She is a much missed member of my team.


K'Falcore von Stalworth 


Falcor is a German Shepherd who's favorite sport is agility but he enjoys anything that involves speed, and accuracy. He has been successful in Rally-O, and is working on his Obedience titles too. He has also tried sheep herding, tracking, and scent discrimination, and proven he is up for any challenge with his amazing work ethic. To top it all off, he is also my service dog!

Persephone's Quest von Wendelin



Quest is currently training in IGP, Rally-O, Agility, and CKC Obedience. It is so much fun working with this powerhouse. She never quits, and she doesn't back down from any challenge.


3 Sheps in flowers.jpg
Artax Rises vom Atheneden &
Asura vom Atheneden

Artax BH, FPR1, RE, CRA, JT

Asura BH, RA, CRA

I am so proud of my two homebred firecrackers. These girls are working hard at Rally, CKC Obedience, IGP, and Agility. Everything they try, they give it their best effort, and have a great time doing it. 

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