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Service Dog In Training

Hope on Four Legs

Service Dog Training

Are you a person with a disability looking to train your own service dog? Here are a couple ways I can help you make your dream a reality with the least amount of stress and guessing possible:

  • Create a profile of the perfect service dog candidate

  • Locating and interviewing breeders

  • Temperament testing puppies to ensure they have the traits you are looking for

  • Testing adult dogs for safety and suitability for the job they will be performing

  • Develop a training plan to ensure; puppy socialization, public access training, task training, and testing are completed properly and in a timely fashion 

Did you know that hiring a professional trainer to help you select and train your service dog results in fewer wash outs and faster results? This means that hiring a trainer will save you time and money and prevent disappointment. Please contact me to see what I can do for you. For clients too far for travel I can do Skype counseling sessions to help you make a plan to ensure success. 

My past service dog clients are working mainly as psychiatric service dogs with some having been trained for light mobility work, and medical alert.

My service dog training programs and costs are 100% customized to the needs of the client so please contact me to set up a meeting so we can discuss what I can do to help. 

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