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Working Line German Shepherds 

Atheneden-CKC Registered Breeder

We are a small breeding program offering purebred CKC registered German Shepherds from Czech working  lines. We strive to produce dogs that are healthy of mind, and body by combining high quality genetic material, with an excellent puppy raising program and top of the line nutrition. More information can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Puppies will be placed in select homes with preference going to families that want to train for sport or work. Our breeding dogs have relatives working in SAR, personal protection, police and military, and as medical service dogs. The puppies are likely to excel at sports such as agility, obedience, shutzhund (IGP), scent work and tracking. Puppies who are suitable for pet and service dog homes may also be available. 

We have no available puppies at this time. Contact us to enquire about future planned litters.

The Sire:

K'Falcore von Stalworth CD, RA-MCL, CRX-MCL, AgI, AGNJ, MADC, SGDC

Falcor is a bi-colour GSD standing 25" tall at the shoulder and weighing in at 85lbs. He is a very thoughtful and responsive dog and super safe around kids because of this. He is a medical assistance service dog and switches back and forth between his relaxed service dog personality and higher drive sport personality with ease. He competes in CKC and AAC agility jumping full height at the age of 7. Reliability is his middle name. 


Health Testing:


  • Hips - OFA Good

  • Elbows - OFA Normal

  • CERF - OFA Normal

  • DM testing - N/N Normal

The Dam:

Persephones Quest von Wendelin CRA-MCL, BH-VT

Quest is a sable GSD standing 22" tall at the shoulder and weighing 70lbs. She is an explosively strong, athletic dog with more go than whoa. She is training for IGP and showing massive amounts of potential in protection and tracking. She is also working towards competing in agility. She is a friendly dog who is very outgoing with people of all walks of life including children. She loves the protection game and is very easy to agitate with a solid grip. This dog is a fast, fun, high drive sport dog.


Health Testing:

  • Hip Prelims - OFA Good

  • Elbow Prelims - OFA Normal

  • DM testing - A/N Carrier

Our Breeding Program

Starting with good genetics

Parents from European working lines 

We start with well bred dogs from respected breeders and test for health and temperament. Our breeding dogs will have hip and elbow OFA certifications and genetic testing for DM. They may also have CERF certifications and spine xrays done depending on age. 

Our dogs are not purchased solely for breeding, and live rich lives training in multiple sports such as obedience, protection sport and agility. They live in my home as companions and serve as assistants for my behaviour program. 

Only dogs who have the work ethic to excel at sport, the personality to be house pets, and the structure and health to be athletes are accepted into the breeding program. 

Puppy Raising Practices

Early Neurological Stimulation and Socialization

It doesn't matter how good the genetics are if you can't bring out the best in your pup. While in the litter the puppies will be exposed the Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), aka Bio Sensor, process which was developed by the  US military to help improve the performance of their working dogs. This process is a series of exercises performed for days 3-16 on the new puppies to help improve cardiovascular performance, increase tolerance to stress, increase resistance to disease, and strengthen  the adrenal glands. 

After the ENS program is complete the puppies will under go an in-home socialization program to introduce them to sights, sounds, textures, people and other dogs so they are prepared to leave the litter and succeed in their new homes. 

Bonus Features

More than a puppy

Did you know that it is possible to start training a puppy before it leaves the litter? 

Our puppies will be taught where to toilet so that house breaking is a breeze.

Each puppy will learn to sit quietly in a crate on their own so that you don't have to listen to their panicked cries on the first day (or week) home. 

Basic learning skills like offering behaviours and early obedience foundation will already be started so your puppy is ready to learn new things as soon as you get them home.

All puppies will be microchipped, vaccinated, raised on high quality food with supplements to promote healthy mind and joints, and go home with a starter health insurance package.  

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