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Stay Tuned for Future Workshops!


Customize Your Learning


One to four hours in length

Workshop topics can include but are not limited to:

Learning theory

Puppy selection and training

Adopting from a shelter

Recall training

Loose leash walking

Back chaining

Clicker training

Trick training

Equipment selection

Select topics on service dog training


Five to eight hours in length

Seminar topics can expand on workshop topics and also include but are not limited to:

Reactive and aggressive dogs 101

Advanced topics in proofing skills and generalizations

Advanced topics in service dog training

Sport dogs- arousal and drive

Advanced topics and strategies for reactive and aggressive dogs

Lunch and Learns

One to one and a half hours in length

Lunch and learn topics can include but are not limited to:

Positive husbandry

Force and fear free vet visits

Learning theory 101

Clicker training 101

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