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Reactive and Unraveled: Behaviour Modification for the Performance Dog

As a performance dog owner, you’re a special kind of person. Not only is your dog a loved family member, but they are also your partner in sport. You love your dog and you love your sport- which is why it can be overwhelming to see your dog struggle with reactivity, anxiety, and pressure when training or trialing.

This workshop offers a new take on reactive or anxious performance dogs, that moves beyond just commonly suggested management strategies (which are often not effective) and addresses the core issue by examining how stress is experienced and modified in dogs. Taught by a veterinary technician and Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant, this workshop uncovers why common training strategies fail to address the dog’s underlying emotional state or effectively use learning theory to modify behaviour.

You will benefit from this workshop if your dog does any of the following while training or trialing:

  • Spins, jumps, and barks incessantly

  • Re-directs and lunges at other dogs or nips you

  • Frequently leaves you to sniff or focus on the environment

  • Shuts down or becomes overly worried or stressed

  • Has general reactivity towards dogs or people

  • Struggles with confidence and maintaining drive

This five hour workshop will cover:

  • Learning theory, including common errors in application

  • The role of the handler in causing stress, adding pressure, or demotivating a dog

  • The difference between drive and arousal and why it’s so important to understand

  • How to implement classical conditioning and systematic desensitization to change the dog’s underlying emotional state

  • Developing an effective off-switch for over the top dogs

  • Warm up routines for trialing that prepare- not overwhelm- your dog to perform at their best in the ring

  • Using tools like backchaining to create new routines and responses in your dog

Limited working spots will be available to dogs that are screened as appropriate and likely to benefit. Crating and ring set-up will ensure all working dogs are comfortable, including dogs which should be crated in cars for their comfort.

Date: Saturday, November 10th, 2018

Time: 9:00am-2:30pm

Location: Campaign Dog Academy, Georgetown, ON 

Working spots (limited): $150. Working spots must be applied for and are not guaranteed. Please e-mail to receive an application.

Auditing spots: $75

Lunch is included.

Individual assessments are available following the workshop. These one hour assessments will include:

  • A thorough history and background review of major behavioural and performance issues

  • A behaviour modification plan to address a behavioural issue of the handler’s choice, including practicing training exercises and discussing future progressions

Working and auditing spots eligible for a discount on individual assessments in person or via Skype.

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Customize Your Learning


One to four hours in length

Workshop topics can include but are not limited to:

Learning theory

Puppy selection and training

Adopting from a shelter

Recall training

Loose leash walking

Back chaining

Clicker training

Trick training

Equipment selection

Select topics on service dog training


Five to eight hours in length

Seminar topics can expand on workshop topics and also include but are not limited to:

Reactive and aggressive dogs 101

Advanced topics in proofing skills and generalizations

Advanced topics in service dog training

Sport dogs- arousal and drive

Advanced topics and strategies for reactive and aggressive dogs

Lunch and Learns

One to one and a half hours in length

Lunch and learn topics can include but are not limited to:

Positive husbandry

Force and fear free vet visits

Learning theory 101

Clicker training 101